Melbourne Tournament

July 3rd, 4th, 5th, 2020



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The tournament committee reserves the right to determine gradings and re-grade teams.

  • A grade
    is open to players and teams playing in the Victorian Championships or the VJL League. Depending on numbers of entries, up to two grades will be run to cater for different standards. The aim is to produce a competition of the standard of lower half Championship or top half VJL 1 League.  Top ranking Championship teams would be expected to either play in the next age group up or split their team.

  • B grade
    is aimed at high standard domestic/club teams. These teams may include up to two players playing in VJL 1 & or Country div 1 or four players in VJL 2 & or Country div 2, provided they are genuinely regular players with that team. Victorian Championship restricted players are not permitted.  The grade is also open to teams from the representative VJL 5 - 7 grades — subject to the above player restrictions.  Representative VJL 1 League & Top Ranked Country Div 1 league teams are not permitted.

  • C grade
    is aimed at teams playing in
    - local or domestic B and C grades or an equivalent standard or -
    - Representative VJL 7, 8, 9, 10 (previously the Regional Friday Night Grades)

    Representative VJL 1, 2 or 3 & Country Div 1 league players are not permitted to play in this Grade.
    This Includes domestic A grade teams


  • Declaration sheets: all teams are required to submit all three of the entry forms fully completed to be eligable to enter. The Team Entry form must include in the Right Hand Column a clear indication of the status of players in the team, eg  VJL1, VJL2 , VJL3, (A Grade)   VJL4, VJL5, VJL6, VJL7, (B Grade)  VJL8, VJL9, VJL10 , domestic (C Grade) . Failure to do so will result in teams being placed in higher grades than your team has been nominated. The Tournament committee reserves the right to penalise teams that mislead or understate their players rankings and the grade the team enters. eg Teams may not enter club B with more than 2 VJL3 or VJL4 players. Teams in breach of the grading rule will lose their match points for each game in which they play an ineligible player, eg in club B, all VJL division 1,2 & 3 & country Div 1 are ineligible.

  • Players must be of the correct age for the teams chosen age group: that is, they must be Under 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 or 23 as at 31st December 2018. Their current playing status must be valid. 

  • It is the Club & club officials responsibility to correctly divulge all relevant Information to the Tournament organisers, and to guarantee this info on the Team Entry Form / Declaration sheet. 

  • Once the teams have been published on the Tournament website, teams then cannot request a change in grades. The team at this stage of entry has committed to supply a team of the standard they have been entered into. Any new players into the team must be eligable to play in the grade the team has nominated into.
  • Any team playing an ineligible player will forfeit all points for those games in which the player participated.

  • Up to ten players may play for a team in any one match.

  • Players may not play for more than one team in this Tournament.

  • To be eligible to play in finals, players must have had their details (as requested) fully disclosed on their Team Entry Form and have played in at least one of the preliminary games.

Starting the game

  • Each team is asked to fill out the scoresheet 10 minutes before the scheduled game time. Each team is asked to supply a bench official. 

  • Teams are asked to ensure that all players are correctly uniformed. The first team listed on the fixture will be expected to change in the event of a colour clash. A spare set of singlets will be held in the Tournament Office in case of colour clashes.

  • No team may commence a game with fewer than four players.

  • There is a two point penalty for each minute late. Failure to appear within ten minutes of the scheduled game time results in a forfeit: score 20-0.

Playing rules

  • Five seconds in the key applies in Under 10, & Under 12. 
    The three seconds rule applies in Under 14, 16 and 18 age groups.

  • A size 6 Molten ball will be used for the girls in all age groups and for boys in Under 10, 12 and 14 age groups.
    Zone Defense in these age groups is not permitted. Teams should use ‘man to man’ defense throughout the games

  • The Mercy Rule will apply when the opposition team has a 20 point or more lead.
    That team shall then play within the 3 pt area only.

  • A size 6 ball will be used for the girls in all age groups and for boys in Under 10, 12 and 14 age groups. 

  • A size 7 ball will be used in Under 16, 18 and 23 boys games.

  • The short free-throw line will be used for Under 10 and Under 12. 
    The standard free-throw line will be used in Under 14, Under 16 Under 18 and Under 23.

  • Three point shots count in all age grades.


  • The usual premiership points apply: three points for a win, two points for a draw, one point for a loss and no points for a forfeit. 

  • In all grades in this Tournament, after the preliminary rounds of games, teams who are ranked on the same premiership points, their positions on the ladder will be determined by the results of games played only between these teams. If this does not split the teams in their positions on the ladder, then the results of all the games played against all other teams in this grade will be taken into account.

    NOTE: If teams do not play one another in the preliminary rounds, their final scores shall be set to zero vs zero if they have ended up with equal premiership points. This is to determine the head to head then percentage result, if required.

Timing rules for all games except grand finals:

  • Two minutes warm-up time is allowed prior to the start of the match. Matches consist of two eighteen minute halves.  Half time is two minutes.  Players should be ready to start the second half immediately the half-time interval is concluded.  Games will not be delayed because players are not on the court.  

  • Teams are allowed one time-out per half

  • The clock shall stop for all time outs in each half and in the last three minutes of the second half for all shooting fouls, time outs, substitutions, jumb balls. The clock does not stop for any violations. No time out is permitted in the last one (1) minute of the first half.

  • Draws are allowed, except in semi-finals and grand-finals.  In the case of a draw in finals, extra time will be played.  Each extra-period will be three minutes.

Timing rules for Grand Finals:

  • Two minutes warm-up time is allowed prior to the start of the match.  Matches consist of two twenty minute halves.  Half time is two minutes.  Teams are allowed two time-outs per half.  The clock stops for time-outs.  In the last minute of the first half and the last three minutes of the second half, the clock stops for all whistles.


  • Trophies will be awarded to the winning team and the runners up at the conclusion of the grand final. After the Grand Final game presentations will be in the upstairs Function room area at Dandenong stadium. There will also be an MVP award for the best player in the Grand Final.

Complaints and disputes

  • Any complaints/disputes should be lodged with the Tournament Office within an hour of the game in question. These will be decided upon by the Tournament Committee. Decisions by the Tournament committee shall be final. If the complaint is sufficiently serious — for example, a reported player — such matters may be referred to Basketball Victoria Tribunals.