Melbourne Tournament

July 3rd, 4th, 5th, 2020


Managers Information

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The Tournament Committee reserves the right to determine grading and re-grade teams. Teams can only change their declared Grade up to the closing of entries date. Any changes after the closing date will only be allowed at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

If teams have not fully disclosed the player’s rankings in the Team Entry Form or have left the disclosure of the player’s rankings far too late for the team to be re-graded, the tournament committee reserves the right to disqualify teams from the Tournament Finals playoffs.

  • A gradeis open to players and teams playing in the Victorian Championships or the VJL League.   Depending on numbers of entries, up to two grades will be run to cater for different standards.  The aim is to produce a competition of the standard of lower half Championship or top half VJL 1 League.  Top ranking Championship teams would be expected to either play in the next age group up or split their team.

  • B gradeis aimed at high standard domestic/club teams.  These teams may include up to two players playing in VJL 1 & or Country div 1 or four players in VJL 2 & or Country div 2, provided they are genuinely regular players with that team.  Victorian Championship restricted players are not permitted.  The grade is also open to teams from the representative VJL 5 - 7 grades — subject to the above player restrictions.  Representative VJL1 & Top Ranked Country Div1 league teams are not permitted.

  • C grade is aimed at teams playing in
    - local or domestic B and C grades or an equivalent standard or  - - Representative VJL 7, 8, 9, 10

    Representative VJL 1, 2 or 3 & Country Div 1 league players are not permitted to play in this Grade.
    This Includes domestic A grade teams

Note: Don’t forget to gather up the players tickets for half time to be checked by an official against the players on the scoresheet. Please assist in being ready with your tickets at half time.


AGES for 2020.

Victorian Country Basketball Council (VCBC) players – kids from the country at this tournaments will be playing in the normal age group divisions The same as Metro teams..

Age Groups DOB for 2020
Under 10 ­ 2011, 2012, 2013
Under 12 ­ 2009, 2010
Under 14 ­ 2007, 2008
Under 16 ­ 2005, 2006
Under 18 ­ 2003, 2004
23 & Under ­ 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998


Tournament Rules - A summary

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The PRINT button will supply Team Managers all they need to know at games.

For more details you can download the complete set of Rules.pdf file for a printout of the rules.



Player & Spectator Ticket Payments

Players and Spectators are expected to pay the following fees over the Tournament weekend.
Due to rental increases we have passed on the costs.
We will still try to keep any future cost increase to a minimum

Player Weekend Pass $20
Spectator Weekend Pass $ 10
Spectator Friday Pass $ 4
Spectator Saturday Pass $ 5
Spectator Sunday Pass $ 5
Under 12 Spectators FREE

All players must buy a $20 pass. Saturday or Sunday player passes for the Tournament are NOT sold or allowed. A player is in for the full Tournament or not. The Admin has spent many hours juggling games & times.  Some of the teams wont be playing on Friday night due to the set up of the fixture and some wont start Friday to save on Motel fees and minimising Traveling.


Fixtures Information

You should know just after the entries close if your teams entry has been accepted. If you not on the teams list then call us.

Fixture information will be posted on the website by Monday 1st July at the latest Wednesday 3rd July. Call or e-mail David Watson Wednesday night if the website is not showing information about teams entered into the Tournament.



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Click on  PRINT   to download the complete Team Entry Form to enter this tournament. The three forms (above - Print) are to be sent to the tournament administrator along with your teams payment to enter your team/s  before the closing date June 18th.

Before your first game, only the coach must present a Team Entry Form to the coaches desk for the team. We have spare forms at the Stadium. If you forget or you can download the form (above - Print). The coach of the team gets only one coach pass. VJBL passes at this Tournament are NOT Valid.

The coach of the team must also present their WWC Card and sign off on the correctness of the information given on the Team Entry Form.

At the MELBOURNE Tournament all Team Managers have to pay to get in.

Before your first game, the team should be at the Stadium at least 1hr prior to your game time in case of any unforeseen delays (the freeway is often jammed up on Friday nights).

Upon arrival at the stadium, the coach of your team will need to go to the coach's desk (opposite the canteen at Dandenong Stadium) and present your team's entry form to an authorised Melbourne tournament official. The tournament committee requires an up to date Team Entry Form.
Any changes made (inclusions / deletions since sending in your first Team Entry Form) are to be highlighted on the form you are presenting.

Only players who are listed on the Team Entry Form will be playing on the Tournament weekend.
The Tournament Committee requires you to write in all the players names, dates of birth and playing numbers on the Tournament entry form.

Each Team coach can then pick up their coaching passes for the weekend. This MUST be done at the coach's desk before your first game.


Team Sheets and Checking Tickets

Each team has been asked to attend their first game ready to show their tickets. Team managers please take charge and collect the players tickets for easy processing.

The number of player tickets and the number of players on the scoresheet & Team Entry Form must all match up. If the number of tickets is less than what is on the scoresheet – someone from the team will have to purchase tickets to make up the numbers.


 First Aid

There will be a First Aid Officer stationed in the First Aid room, hallway just past the foyer area.

Taping ankles and knees is not part of the First Aid-ers job. Please bring your own tape



Tournament Scoresheets that are marked with the teams details and the court to be played on will be provided for each game in the foyer area. The scoresheets will be laid out on a clipboard desk opposite the canteen. Players names and numbers will have to be filled in prior to each game. The second team filling in the scoresheet takes the sheet to the court your team is playing on prior to the start of the game. Boys scoresheets are in blue and girls are in pink for easier identification.

signing names on the back of the scoresheet is not required.

Scoring method can be either by what is done in domestic games and or what is done in VJBL games (FIBA / Friday night).

What ever way you score please check the final results are correct. We get too many wrong result scores because the addition is wrong.

The winning team is responsible for the scoresheet. The referees have been asked to take the scoresheets to the referees room. Either way thats where the final result scoresheet must end up.

There are no point penalties for incorrect uniforms or players names or numbers missing. Players should have registered on the first night of the tournament. If there are any disputes you can see the tournament management or referee supervisors for information or download the official complait form to register your complaint.


Timing rules for all games

- except grand finals:

•  Two minutes warm-up time is allowed prior to the start of the match. Matches consist of two eighteen minute halves. Half time is two minutes. Players should be ready to start the second half immediately the half-time interval is concluded. Games will not be delayed because players are not on court.

•  Teams are allowed one time-out per half.

•  The clock shall stop for all time outs in each half and in the last three minutes of the second half for all shooting fouls, time outs, substitutions, jump balls. The clock does NOT stop for any violations.

•  Draws are allowed, except in semi-finals and grand-finals. In the case of a draw in finals, extra time will be played. Each extra-period will be three minutes.


Timing rules for Grand Finals:

•  Two minutes warm-up time is allowed prior to the start of the match. Matches consist of two twenty minute halves. Half time is two minutes. Teams are allowed two time-outs per half. The clock stops for time-outs. In the last minute of the first half and the last three minutes of the second half, the clock stops for all whistles.



Disputes Procedure

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The following is the recommended procedure that potential disputes will be resolved by teams competing at the Melbourne Tournament. We have received approval from BV on this procedure.

Handling of disputes will be implemented in two stages;

  1. Tournament Administrator – to hear and help with any dispute that may arise.
  2. An Independent Disputation Committee – to make a decision, within the laws governed by BV.

Any team requesting a resolution to a dispute should;

  1. Put the dispute or complaint in writing on the back of the scoresheet within one hour of the game finishing, and submit the complaint via the club administrator, team manager or coach (only the Coach & Team Manager – named on the team entry form will be recognised as team officials) to the Tournament Administrator.
  2. If questions are needed to be asked of the team, only the Club Administrator, or two team officials (Coach & Team Manager – named on the scoresheet) are permitted to represent the team. No discussion will be entered into with parents or players of teams involved.
  3. The Tournament Administrator will investigate the dispute and will make a decision based on tournament rules or take it under advisement and seek the Dispute Committees decision.
  4. If this decision is not accepted by the team/s concerned they should put their concerns and reasons in writing on the FORMAL COMPLAINTS FORM (this can be downloaded ). You can then ask for the complaint to be reviewed by the Dispute Committee.
  5. The Dispute Committee will be made up of three independent senior members (not Melbourne basketball club members) of the basketball community.
  6. The Dispute Committee’s decision will then be handed down, as soon as practical, to either the club administrator, team coach or manager – named on the Team Entry Form.
  7. Once the Dispute Committee have handed down their decision, there will be no further discussion entered into. The decision of the Dispute Committee is final.
  8. If sufficiently serious — for example, a reported player — such matters may be referred onto Basketball Victoria for the BV tribunal to review.

The disputing team should ensure all information provided on the disputation form is correct.


David Watson
Tournament Administrator