Melbourne Tournament

July 3rd, 4th, 5th, 2020



What are the Weekend Prices for players & Spectators

Players , Weekend Pass - $20
Spectators, Weekend Pass - $10
Spectators Fri only - $4
Spectators Sat only - $5
Spectators Sun only - $5
There are no Team Sheet payments

Purchase of Tickets
Tickets will be sold only at Dandenong Stadium and only over the Tournament weekend.
We will set up and will be selling from Friday at 5pm onwards on the first night of the tournament


Teams are to supply scorers for ALL games including Grand Finals


Can Domestic Teams or Representative Teams Enter
Both Domestic or Representative Teams can enter

The DnV on the fixtures is this (Dandenong) Stadium’s Volleyball courts
That’s what the Dandenong Stadium call it so we are just going along with their conventions
Most times the courts are used for playing Volleyball but for big tournaments – Aust Day & July,
The Dandenong stadium offers up all 15 courts

Players have pulled out of the Tournament since we sent in the Team Entry Form. Can we put in new players on the list or is this illegal?
It is NOT illegal. Coaches for each team must personally hand in a team entry form before their first game with the completed & final team list. Any updates and changes to the players in your team are to be included in the team entry Form handed in.

There will be penalties applied  for changing the players playing after final team list has been presented or if your team gets in players that play in a higher grade to the original team list that you first submitted penalties will apply.


Why do some teams play 4 games and other teams play 5 in the one grade ?
Grades of six or more teams are divided into two or more sub grades. If there is a grade of 7, 9, 11, or an odd number of teams, one of the sub groups will have one more team in its sub group than the other. To determine what team plays off in the finals, teams in each sub group must then play each other to be ranked. Ranking of teams occurs on the Friday and Saturday of the Tournament.

Sundays games are when we play finals or have play offs between the different sub groups to determine rankings between the different sub groups. This normally involves the first ranked team of sub group A playing the second ranked team in sub group B and first ranked of sub group B playing off the second ranked team in group A. Winners then could play off for a Grand Final or in some instances where the grades are very large, play in a Preliminary Final before moving onto play in the Grand Final.

How do the finals work across the tournament?
In the Melbourne Tournament there is no fixed finals system such as the traditional four team 'page system' or what the regional  competitions use for their five team finals or the best of three games systems. The finals play offs have been based on ensuring that all teams do get a minimum of four and a maximum of six games during the tournament. As there can be no definite finals system.

The system is, if your team wins, it moves one game closer to the Grand Final. In some grades losing a game will cut your team out of the Grand final, in other grades there can be a second chance game where winning through to the Grand final can still be achieved.

Tournaments are about having a good time and enjoying the competition played. We hope that everybody goes home a winner and they get something positive from the Tournament. Trophies are an added bonus, but it should not be end of the world if you don't get a trophy.

We only have two games aren't we supposed to get four as a minimum ?
Yes this is correct. Teams do get a minimum of four games; some of those games missing from the fixture will be played in the finals series on Sunday. The Finals series games cannot be listed until we know what team is ranked in what position. Once that is established the finals games with team names will be published, and the number of games will increase to four or more.

Do Coaches & Team Managers pay to get into the Tournament ?

On presentation of the team entry form that is correctly filled in, coaches will get a free weekend pass.
team managers will need to pay to enter. The Tournament Committee is trying to raise funds and more freebees are cutting into what the tournaments objectives are.


Can we enter into the SEABL Games and Big V Game Saturday night
Dandenong management has agreed to allow Tournament patrons with a Tournament pass free entry into the Big V games.


Late Payments and Entry Forms
Payments by credit card or direct deposit into the Tournament account MUST be made before the team entry closing date.
Direct Deposit details are to: Melbourne Tournament,    BSB 633 000      Account No 151 627 833
Do teams provide scores for the tournament?

A: Teams are to supply scorers for each game.


Where Do I find the scoresheet?
A: The scoresheets will be at the entrance to the stadium. Times courts and team names will already be on the scoresheets.
Fill in your players names & numbers details.
If you are the last team to fill in the scoresheet, take your sheet to the court you are playing on.


At the end of the game, what do I do with the scoresheet
A: The winning team is responsible for the scoresheet to ensure that the scoresheet gets to the referees room for processing.


For further information please contact the tournament organiser David Watson on e-mail address

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


David Watson