Special Requesting teams

Special Requests.

The Tournament organisers will and have always tried to facilitate teams who will need to stay in overnight accommodation or to give some compatibility to teams with only one coach.

We will allow compatibility between two teams – no more, otherwise it becomes impossible to get all the games played and in the times allocated.

We cannot allow teams time off to play football as it then creates major problems with the travelling teams wanting to get going as soon as they have played their Sunday games.

In some special cases we can arrange for games not to be played on Saturday night but if your grade has country teams in it, then deferring Saturday night games becomes impossible. You can ask but please don’t expect that we will be able to arrange all your requests.

Some Special Requests will not be granted due to where the opposition teams are coming from. Please ensure that you have a backup plan and don’t just rely on the Tournament Organisers to fix.

If you do have Special Requests then you need to put this in writing to the Tournament Organisers and your submission must be received by the Tournament Organisers before the close of team entries 23rd June 2019. Your team is allowed one request only.

Note: you can change your grade ranking up to the close of team entries BUT this causes the Tournament fixturing crew a lot of problems in shifting grades around. If you have had a number of players drop out please try to replace players with players of about the same standard. You are allowed to pick up players from other teams and clubs for this Tournament.


Special Request